Office Hours + In Focus: Rachel DuVall

This year, The Main introduces a new addition to Office hours, In Focus: Rachel DuVallIn Focus will highlight the work of Rachel DuVall, a Los Angeles–based textile artist who participated in the inaugural iteration of Office Hours in November 2016. Works by DuVall will be on view along with works by participants of this year’s Office Hours program.

Over the course of three weeks in November, The Main's director Allison Agsten, met with fifty Downtown area artists on a first come, first served basis. The on-site visits offered an intimate opportunity to form personal connections while also opening a dialogue about the making of the museum. At the end of each meeting, every artist was able to leave one of their works or documentation of it to be installed in Beta Main. Later, the fifty artists gathered to meet each other, followed by a public opening.

For more information on Office Hours + In Focus: Rachel DuVall check out the interview with Director Allison Agsten in the LA Times  

The Main Museum

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